Please tell us the total sum of your debt
More than £10,000
£6,000 - £10,000
£2,000 - £6,000
£0 - £2,000

Why are we asking this question?

When considering your debt level remember to include the following commonly missed debts: HMRC, rent arrears, bailiff enforcements and council tax.

What's your employment status?
Zero Hour Contract

Why are we asking this question?

Telling us this allows us to ensure we offer support tailored to your circumstances.

How many people do you owe money to?
2 or more
Less than 2

Why are we asking this question?

Notifying of this will allow us to tailor our advice to ensure you receive individual support.

What type of property do you live in?
Private Rented
Living with Parents

Why are we asking this question?

Discussing your living arrangements is important to ensure we provide appropriate advice and allows us to work to ensure your property is not at risk.

Where do you live?
Northern Ireland

Why are we asking this question?

Telling us your location allows us to offer information about the debt solutions and help available in your area.


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