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IVA specialists helping people regain financial control

Expert debt advice and practical debt solutions

At IVA Plan, we understand debt. We’re an independent provider of IVAs and other managed debt solutions, and we work with our clients to help them plot a path back to financial stability. 

We know debt can be a heavy burden to carry, and it isn’t always easy to talk about, even as your financial situation grows worse. 

At IVA Plan, our advisers are debt specialists. They support people with money problems every day, help them open up about their financial situation, and can offer you practical, affordable debt repayment plans that help you get your life back on track. 

IVA specialists

Our team knows all there is to know about Individual Voluntary Arrangements, and our sister company, Creditfix, is the biggest IVA provider in the UK. If you’re struggling with debt and looking at an IVA as a way out, nobody can offer you the same level of specialist support. 

While we specialise in IVAs, the team at IVA Plan understands that everyone’s financial situation is different. Our advisers will get to know you and your lifestyle, and help you choose the debt solution that’s right for you. 

If that’s an IVA? Great. If not, our advisers will take you through the range of alternative debt solutions available to you, and make sure you settle on the one that fits best with your circumstances. 

Helping people turn their lives around

Millions of people in the UK struggle with debt, but when it’s you who finds yourself in financial trouble, it’s easy to feel like you have to suffer through it alone. It’s much harder to take action. 

At IVA Plan, we help people make a positive change. Our advisers will learn about you and your situation without judgement, and use the information you share to help you decide on that all-important next step. 

Debt isn’t a problem that goes away on its own. The longer you leave it, the worse it gets. A simple conversation could help you turn your life around. Reach out to IVA Plan. 


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